Event AI - From ideas to production

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AI - From ideas to production

Welcome to a webinar about how to quickly find value in your data with the help of AI. We will talk about our own real world use cases and you will get to see how we have implemented AI-concepts like Image Analysis, Predictions and Natural Language Processing.

Data platforms are important but often there can be important AI-insights to be had from already existing data. Finding those insights and values makes the investment in a data platform a safer journey. In this webinar you will get to see how we developed a Proof of Concept and delivered a production-worthy AI-system in 6 weeks for one of our customers.

Victor Hernandez has more than 10 years in the field of AI and holds a Ph.D in computer science. Before joining B3 Commit, he worked as an AI/robotics researcher at Örebro University. Currently Victor works toghether with customers and colleagues in different data science applications, ranging from forecasting to radiology.

The webinar will be held on May 28 at 8-8.45 AM

Please participate via this link (link to Teams)

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