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Sustainability at B3 at B3

We care about the world and each other.

B3 wants to be a company with good relations to the society and have a positive impact on people and the environment. Our main contribution to a more sustainable world is done through the work we do in our customer projects. Below you can read more about B3's environmental goals and various initiatives for a better world.

B3’s environmental goals in short,

  • Offer a good and healthy work environment and contribute to a good regional and global environment
  • Map the company's environmental impact with the goal of annually reducing the climate impact per employee
  • Participate in customer projects that have a positive impact on the environment
  • Review how current projects and assignments affect the environment
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We devide our work with sustainability in three areas. Sustainable society, sustainable people and sustainable businesses.

Sustainable society

We work for a healthy environment and a good society. We work towards our environmental goals and cooperate with several organizations in order to contribute to a more sustainable world.
To name a few, we support Pink Programming, a non-profit organization that organizes code events for the female, transgender, and non-binary communities. We also support Changers Hub, and together B3 and Changers Hub, among other things, contributed to training young people in front-end development.

Sustainable people

At B3 we appreciate all coworker's experiences. We respect differences between people and we utilize everyone's energy in the best possible way. Sustainable people includes both individuals aswell as the society as a whole. We educate our leaders in sustainable leadership, we have a strategic way of working with inclusion and we prioritize wellness for real.

Sustainable businesses

Through better resource utilization and increased accessibility, digitization contributes to increased sustainability. B3's most important contribution to a better world is to help our customers use the full potential of digitalisation.

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