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Case Research Aid

ResearchAid improves research efficiency at Karolinska Institutet

B3 has worked together with researchers from Karolinska Institutet to streamline research administration for some of the world’s biggest studies of inflammatory diseases. This has resulted in a brand new platform called ResearchAid, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For many years, research data collection and study administration have relied on simple databases or even researchers’ own Excel spreadsheets, which have then needed to be coordinated manually – increasing the risk of errors and duplicated effort. Thanks to ResearchAid, study management is now systematised and cohesive, resulting in improved data security and quality. Day-to-day research administration is also far more efficient.

ResearchAid is available at several units, and multiple users can use the platform at the same time, meaning that data input, quality assurance and data extracts can be carried out simultaneously. Identifying randomly selected reference subjects is also easier in ResearchAid. The extract criteria are first entered, after which the extract is automatically produced via integration with the Swedish Tax Agency. The system’s automation for future patient mailings, sampling and reminders has made researchers’ workload much lighter.

ResearchAid has completely transformed the way we work.


Data collection is more cost-efficient and more reliable for the research team, and compilation and reporting are easier thanks to enhancements such as providing access to the activity logs for underlying processes. ResearchAid has been built to meet the requirements of GDPR, and is updated continuously to ensure ongoing compliance. Overall, the entire study administration chain has been made more efficient, resulting in significant time savings.

ResearchAid has quickly become extremely popular, and the next step will see B3 Dynamics expanding the platform for more widespread use, including within other research fields.

”There is great demand to make research work more efficient, and to produce a more cost-effective, more secure platform for data collection and communication with study participants,” explains B3 project manager Mattias Starck. ”We’re now taking ResearchAid to the next level, developing the system for more users. We’ll be doing this in close cooperation with Senior Professor Lars Alfredsson.”

”ResearchAid has completely transformed the way we work,” adds Professor Alfredsson. ”When it comes to research administration, we need maximum control over all participant interaction and the data we collect. Every stage of the process needs to be documented. Security and data quality are of the utmost importance for participants, researchers and the research itself. Previously, we spent a great deal of time on many different time-consuming stages such as identifying control subjects and keeping tabs on who needs to receive the next reminder. These stages have now been eliminated entirely, thanks to ResearchAid’s automation. We know that we can rely on the system, and this has freed up valuable time for other work.”

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